WhatsApp Plus APK for Android Free Download (Latest Version)

Hey friends, today we are going to tell you about how to free download WhatsApp Plus APK Android App.

WhatsApp has totally replaced every other messaging app till now at least on the smartphones and few supported featured phones and it is among the most downloaded app on every platform i.e. Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and even on Nokia. Article on how to Download WhatsApp for PC or Computer

WhatsApp app allows users to send unlimited number of free text messages, share voice notes, videos, music files and any other files on the go. WhatsApp is a fun app that adds lots of funny things in the traditional conversation.

No doubt, there is no better app than WhatsApp but still it got certain limitations. It is available for free for first year and then you need to pay $0.99 per year. The developer says that this much they are charging to keep the app advertisement free.

whatsapp plus apk android

The app got lots of limitations like you can’t put yourself offline unless the data connection or Wi-Fi is disabled and also there is a limitation on the file size you can share with your friends.

If you’re searching for an alternative to this app but don’t want to miss other features than the best way is to start using an unofficial version of WhatsApp which has been modded with the features which were not there in the official WhatsApp app.

WhatsApp Plus is the name of the app and you can find it easily. The app isn’t official but still it’s genuine to use as thousands of users are using it around the world.

How to Install WhatsApp Plus APK Android App?

In order to install this app you need to follow the steps mentioned below. The procedure may change according to your smartphone but still the main concept will be the same.

  1. Go to the settings on your Android device running Android 2.1 or later versions.
  2. Move into the security settings and there you’ll find a setting named ‘Unknown sources’. Check the box in front of it i.e. enable that setting.
  3. Now download WhatsApp Plus APK from this official link on your Android device
  4. Head over to the file manager and look into the folder where the app is stored. Tap on that and the app will get installed.

That’s all you need to do to get WhatsApp Plus APK for Android free download. The app mentioned here is the latest version of WhatsApp Plus.

Features of WhatsApp Plus Apk App for Android (Latest Version)

Following are the features provided by WhatsApp Plus Android app. Most of the features you’ll find common with the official WhatsApp app.

WhatsApp Plus app allow users to send unlimited number of free text messages and also allow them to share pictures, videos, files, voice notes, emoticons, graphical smileys and many more things within the conversation.

The user interface of the app is still the same i.e. elegant, simple and impressive. The app can import contacts from your phone and you don’t need to add any contact in this app to start chatting with him/her.

The official WhatsApp app doesn’t allow users to get offline. If the internet connection is active then you’ll be seen online on WhatsApp but the WhatsApp Plus app let you become offline easily. This is the first unique feature provided by this unofficial version of WhatsApp.

In this WhatsApp Plus app you can easily change the font style and size within the conversation. This is how you can give a personal touch to any conversation you’re currently with.

In short, the features which are missing in the official version are completed in this WhatsApp Plus APK Android app and that too latest version. It is a genuine app and has been maintained by the developer i.e. they keep on updating it with latest stable and secure versions.

Candy Crush Soda Saga for PC Download Windows 7/8/10

Hello friends, in this working tutorial I have given guide to download Candy Crush Soda Saga for PC or Computer available on Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and 10 also.

It used to be a field of some repetitive games and monotony with the great game play. Smartphones have dramatically altered the perception about almost everything that there is no such thing exists related with software and applications which could not be found on phone.

A few years back, their popped a game Candy Crush Saga from an unknown developer with no great ambitions as much it has gained gradually. Interestingly, the game hit highs with fabulous responses from the players.

A game which aims to match similar types of candies together in distinct combos to achieve a predefined aim of the level, Candy Crush Saga made to the top grossing games. Candy Crush Soda is a sequel to the former with certain changes in modes, levels, types of candies and targets to each level.

candy crush soda saga pc

Features of Candy Crush Soda Saga for PC:

Candy Crush Soda lets the player enjoy the treats of its predecessor, and brings about vital changes in graphics and game play.

Not that it is a mobile based game; it is justified to think that a higher mantle of satisfaction can be attained with certain brainy tricks. It seems beautiful to listen that Candy Crush Soda could be played on Mac and computers too.

With Bluestacks, these possibilities actually come alive. Bluestacks is an Android Application Player designed to run every application present on Google Play Store, on systems like Mac and personal computers.

Learning to use and master Bluestacks is not an uphill task. To ease down efforts for people, below are few steps to keep in mind before getting started.

How to Play Candy Crush Soda for PC & Mac :

  1. Click to find a setup file of Bluestacks and download.
  2. Run the downloaded executable file, let the setup wizard pop up and read the terms and conditions. Follow each and every step of the setup with changing any settings (for an interrupt free installation). This results in installing Bluestacks.
  3. Double click at the Bluestacks’ icon, which leads in driving the home screen to the user. Unlock it just like in Android device and find search toolbar. When found, write ‘Candy Crush Soda’ in the given space and click on enter.
  4. From the list shown by Bluestacks of possible applications, select the needed one and press install button. This starts the download process for Candy Crush.
  5. As the download is complete, installation will take several minutes depending upon the speed of internet. My Apps forder will be created at desktop and it will keep all the applications which are to played in Bluestacks.

Candy Crush Soda has experienced many noticeable changes as compared to previous version.

candy crush soda saga for pc

New types of candies have been introduced, a set of new modes which are Soda & Frost has been released, featured combos like matching four candies in the shape of a square, or bring seven candies together are some features that signify the necessity and relevance of the new version.

I hope that you enjoyed this guide to download Candy Crush Soda Saga for PC and Mac.

N.O.V.A 3 Download for iPhone, iPad and Mac

Here is the guide to download NOVA 3 for PC and on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Even after having an enormous market for shooting games, there is a dearth of some seriously gripping and intelligently planned online games. With the quest for finding some new, after getting bored of playing series of monotonous arcade and shooting games.

You can stumble upon NOVA 3 which has kept millions of players hooked on to it ever since. This amazing game’s name is an abbreviation for ‘Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance.’

NOVA 3 is basically a mobile gaming application, which was developed as well as launched by Gameloft, originally intended to be played on Android as well as iOS based cellular devices. With the coming of tabs and other gaming consoles having an Android base, this game spread a little more.

nova for mac

Getting To Know NOVA 3 Better:

Everything and everyone has past and so does this game. The story goes back to some ten odd years, where the human race was taken over by the aliens. This so happened after the protector of the human realm which was their president, died.

After the death of the ruler, humans were forced to submit to the tyranny of the evil aliens as they did not have enough weapons and courage to fight back.Today, after almost a decade, the nation`s hero, Kal Wardin, is all set to fight against the domination of the evil forces.

Kal is driven and passionate about winning back the lost glory and most of all, freedom. You as Kal, will be fighting with the aliens and taking one step at a time for success.

nova 3 download

The Highlights of NOVA 3

The game is sure to capture your attention due to a lot of reasons. Some of the major attractions of NOVA 3 are listed below:

1. Graphics
One thing which has been taken into consideration and is worked upon is the graphics of the game. Usually mobile games are never even close to many other games, thus played on different devices like laptops, due to the lack of refined graphics but this glitch has been successfully removed. It wouldn`t be wrong to say that the graphics are really very amazing and seriously the best in the existing mobile gaming market.

2. Controls
Another pesky thing about shooting games is the complexity of controls but with NOVA 3, even that is perfected. Simple and easy controls are allotted to play the game which makes it a stress buster for adults and kids.

There is also a special feature via which you can slow down the flow of the game and fight better when faced with troops of enemies. All in all, it`s a fun and easy game and is definitely an addictive one.

How To Get It for iPhone and Mac?

Wondering how to get this super addictive game on your MAC? Here’s how you can enjoy it even on your laptop:

1. Download an Android emulator, that converts android files and make their execution suitable for other non-android devices as well; that should be preferably Bluestack. Get it installed from here!
2. Open Bluestack and search for NOVA 3.
3. Click on for getting it downloaded and keep waiting till it gets perfectly installed on your respective Mac system.

Once done, navigate to All Apps sections of Bluestacks and start fighting with aliens!

I think that you guys enjoyed the guide to download NOVA 3 on Computer easily.

CSR Racing for Mac & Windows PC Free

Here is the best guide which will help you to download CSR Racing for Mac and Windows PC game, please keep on reading the guide to know more.

Who simply doesn’t love racing game! The vroom sounds, those competitive laps and most importantly the thrill that these racing games entail are truly unmatched and inexplicable.

Keeping this typical love of the gamers in mind, the Google Play Store has brought in CSR Racing that is not just about a simple racing game; but in fact is actually a thrilling experience.

CSR Racing is actually quite an unconventional kind of game. With already more than a whooping 100 million downloads, CSR has been tagged with the “bestseller” with respect to the series of drag racing genre.

While featuring more than 85 cars, which are licensed as well, the addictive gameplay along with the mesmerizing graphics can actually make you race for even hours.

csr for mac download

Download CSR for Mac:

Unlike many other present racing games, CSR lets you customize your respective cars via spending your gold or cash. For earning gold, you have to win races; however for earning cash, you just need to level up or just have to spend some real bucks via the present in-app purchases.

What sets CSR apart and distinct from the rest is the very fact that this game instead of letting your focus on steering or driving, just needs you to tap your device at the required moments.

The players are also given the freedom to either compete in a quick race or to take part in the grand tour wherein you can get the chance to race against the best of best players.

Don’t get mistaken thinking that the cars thus present are simply vehicles from local manufacturers or have been designed only as mere cartoons. These cars are all branded including some reputed and leading names like Ferrari, Aston Martin and McLaren.

As you are able to beat the respective crews you would thus be the ruler of the city. You just have to beat your present respective boss and then you are all good and cool to go ahead. Sounds exhilarating isn’t it!

csr racing on mac

Racing With CSR On Mac:

No, it just doesn’t end here! Apart from customizing your cars, you can also upgrade your respective engines as well along with being able to fit stickier tyres. CSR is really a very strong game with respect to the culture that comes with street car races.

You can also fill your respective tanks only by sending invitations to your respective Facebook friends. Now this calls for saving quite a lot of time.

Definitely CSR is available on most of the mobile devices. But things can be more thrilling if you can get this superb kind of racing game on your Mac. For doing so, you just need get hold of Bluestacks. This leading Android emulator can make you use CSR Racing or any other Android game just an easy task.

After downloading it, get CSR Racing by first searching, then downloading it. Depending solely on your net connection, the entire downloading as well as installation procedure would be completed. When the entire procedure of the installation is completed, it’s time for you to start gushing your cars.

I hope that you really enjoyed this guide which is all about how to easily download CSR racing on Mac.

Download Order & Chaos Online for Mac

I know that the working guide which is do download the Order & Chaos for Mac easily.

Smart games in smartphones have become a normal issue for most of us these days. And why they shouldn’t be? The quality Android games are super exciting and thrilling. While the conventional running games and the matching games had been already present, finally we have one that is not only different, but is also more exciting than the entire lot.

This one game is none but the exclusive Order and Chaos. Order and Chaos has been developed by the reputed In House and has been further published by the leading company Gameloft. The game sports a mystical world as essentially this one is a MMORPG game that is itself based on complete fantasy.

Initially this game had been released for iOS devices in 2011. Soon as the game got a great pick from the masses, it was officially released for Android as well as Windows.

order and choas for mac

About Order And Chaos for Mac:

Order and Chaos has always been one of the best games ever. You can either play this with a 1st person perspective or even with a 3rd person perspective. You can even change the perspective by making use of the Pinch Zoom feature.

To make the entire gaming experience a better and a memorable one, Order and Chaos presents in its gameplay with its three factions:

  • Order- This one basically presents the good part of the game, wherein if a player has created a character in it, he or she has to begin from Arcadian Forest.
  • Chaos- Where there is good, there has to be evil as well; and the Chaos represents this evil character in the game. If you create any character, then you have to begin from the not-so-good Tanned Land.
  • Neutral- This newly added faction makes the player begin from the present Mendel Village.

Under each of the former two factions, are the races. The race of the Order comprises of the humans, who always want to make some kind of difference in the world. They generally inhabit in the brightest lights, staying in the untamed world and are always looking to explore newer things.

Order comprises of Elves. Contrary to this race are the Orcs and the Undead, which are present in the Chaos. While the Orcs, deceived by the self-pride love combating, the Undead is one race that just represents cunningness and selfishness.

order and chaos download

How to Download Order & Chaos On Mac:

In case you feel lonely out in this mystical arena, you can easily get yourself teamed up with your respective friends and simply go fighting the quests along with being able to explore a whole new world of mesmerizing fantasy.

While fighting the quests, you may also come across hideous monsters. You just need to fight against these monsters and keep going ahead crossing each level.

Finally you can enjoy this entire mystical world on your Mac as well. And for doing so, you just need to have Bluestacks. Download Bluestacks! After getting this emulator, just click on to search this unreal yet fantastic game. After getting that as well, proceed for downloading and installing the same.

Skype for Mac – Free Download & Install

Here is the guide which is going to help you to download the Skype for Mac easily.

One of the world’s most popular telecommunications software Skype is now making steady progress and in-roads on the mobile platform. The Android version of the application just needs a WiFi or a 3G connection to work smoothly. Apart from making Skype calls it also allows you to chat like any other IM with your cherished Skype friends.

On registering and signing up, a virtual tour is dished out that explains everything that can be done by you using the app. The app just easily lets you to sync your contacts that goes a long way in making things simpler for you. For people who have a very large circle the app just easily lets them to group contacts as per your preferences.

skype  formac download

Download Skype for Mac Free:

The user interface of the mobile version of Skype is simple and really very lucid. Icons are placed for making calls and also for chatting. Also a menu has been added, that essentially allows you to add people and/or numbers at the bottom of the cell phone screen.

The primary window in the mobile version of Skype has been especially given for the contacts. It also gives out further information such as “All Contacts”, “Favourites” and lastly “Recent Activity”.

The application also has a feature of Video Calling that enables you to have a live face-to-face chat or a long conversation with anyone. The main feature of Skype for mobile is that it is independent of the recipient’s platform/operating system.

You and various other users will definitely find the interface of the tablet version of Skype extremely interactive, especially with the ease of use that it allows. This app just easily lets you to multitask with ease as the sidebar that appears during calls enables you to carry out different functions.

skype on mac download

Skype for Mac- Installing and Connecting:

There are tons of ways that enable users to make and receive calls with Skype over Macintosh systems.

  • Install Bluestacks, which is One of the best PC emulators. Click here to download it!
  • After installing Bluestacks, you need the apk file.
  • Now this is really easy as Skype for Mac can be smoothly downloaded from the official Play Store.
  • Or you can do the same through the Bluestacks search bar.
  • Make sure not to skip any highlighted instructions that shall be appearing as that will help you for a successful installation.
  • As your installation is done, get connected with your friends and family with much ease!

With continuous refinement developers have drastically improved the battery usage of the Skype. If the developers are to be believed, then the manner in which they have designed the ‘aggressive battery savings’, it can easily enable users to keep the application running in the background without much effect on the battery life as well.

Download Hearthstone for Mac and Install it

With the bloom in the gaming sector, more and more games are rising up in the market every day. The market space is now filled with a lot of games releasing each day, waiting to be explored. One such company which has completely stirred the gaming market is finally down here which has invented and released a game of online playing cards.

The game is amazing and so interesting that, within few minute of playing, you’ll fell in love while playing `Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft’, and you’ll surely find yourself glued to your device.

Hearthstone is a fun, highly addictive mobile card game. Application runs on Android and iOS platforms. The game is brought by Blizzard Entertainment and has received a lot of acclaims already. It also has got various awards, which makes it a worth to take place at your smart phone.

hearthstone for mac

Download Hearthstone for Mac:

Hearthstone is a playing card based game where one can start the game followed by choosing an avatar from a range of nine different warriors. Right after which, you can create a deck of your own and start the match. Further, you will be unlocking several special cards that can give you additional advantages over the others. The game is a strategy based but at times the turn of luck can completely flip the course of game.

There are several features of the game which will make you fall in love within. Some of the best ones are listed below:

1. Gameplay

Hearthstone has the best gameplay to offer to all its users. The gameplay is highly interactive and the cheesy puns that you come across when you make a good move are also bone-crackling. Overall, it`s an easy and user-friendly game which has a simplistic approach.

People of all ages are sure to enjoy the game because it offers something for everyone. Because boring and Hearthstone are poles apart, this game is one of the most addictive games online.

2. Multi-Player System

The best part about the game is that you can choose the type of playing according to your mood. When you`re in a mood to stay in your own zone and want to brush up your skills, you can stick to playing the game against the game`s intelligence.

hearthstone on mac download

How To Install Hearthstone On Mac:

In order to get ‘Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft’ on your Mac, you need to follow the following steps:
1. The first step is to download Bluestack. Our pick is Bluestacks because it is the safest and the easiest.
2. Now open Bluestacks and go to its search engine.
3. Type ‘Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft’.
4. Click on download and wait till it gets installed on your system.

Once done, navigate to All Apps section of Bluestacks and start playing this game!But if you`re up for quest and want to make show of your newly acquired strategy skills then you can choose to play with your friends and people from all over the world.

How to Download Retrica for Mac & Install

There is a shutterbug freak in almost all of us that quite often stays hidden to the rest of the world, or strangely to us as well. Thanks to modern technology that can let you have some amazing apps at your disposal and click photos in a jiffy.

Retrica is one such application that most Android users drool over. It can be surprising but you can click no less than a few million photos only by using this app. Not just that, find trendy logos, borders and designs to get your pictures noticed amongst others as well.

How? As one of the best photo editing and collage creation app in the fray, you can easily expect a hint of professionalism even in amateur photography. With all the versions that have garnered rave reviews over time, you can install Retrica on your PC for Mac quite easily.

retrica for mac

About Retrica on Mac:

If vintage look is what you prefer on a camera app, then Retrica version 4.2.2 is made just for you.

Stunning Attributes:

Developed by official developers, Retrica, as an Android app has gained a huge fan following. Finding it in the Google Play Store section for free is seriously not an issue. Along with the free part, you can have more than just one reason to know why you should not give this amiss:

Firstly, on any Android device, the camera starts building aspects in a way due to which, you can click pictures using live effects.

Secondly, simple user interface is something you will love. All you need is a single swipe and everything will work just the way you want to.

Thirdly, there are multiple filters, borders, pre-loaded templates, effects, self timer and other added features to enhance the overall photo quality.

Most importantly, Retrica signifying ‘retro’ that will take you back with its amazing add-ons, for even those who found no real interest in photography will take an avid liking to it.

A Complete Review

No other camera app on Android will let you have a killer retro effect as much as Retrica. The complete app looks epic and span, and is extremely simple and fuss-free. With elegant displays that most users get attracted to, it is indeed a secret to the ever-growing popularity of this powerful app.

retrica on mac

Download Retrica for Mac:

There is no doubt that the Android platform is by far the best when it comes to this app, but you can always get the PC version as well for your Mac. Bluestacks is a common and preferred mode for downloading. If you have not yet mastered the art of getting it done, here are few simple steps:

  • Download Bluestacks!
  • Install Bluestacks.
  • Find the installed file and search for ‘Retrica’ on the built in search bar in Bluestacks.
  • Now download as well as install the smart app.
  • Run it on your Mac.
  • Completing the installation will take you few minutes and once done, go click-click!

Also, its ability in reviewing location of a certain place at the time of clicking is another plus point. Despite taking a tad extra time when capturing pictures having live effects, it is still a hot favorite for all the existing photoholics.

Download Clash of Lords 2 for PC or Computer – Windows 7/8

The Clash of Lords 2 game is out there you will enjoy while playing the Clash of Loadss 2 for Computer and in case you did play the previous version and loved it, you should definitely go for the newer version.

You can download it to your smartphone also. To get the Clash of Lords 2 game to your PC, follow the guide given below.

The Clash of Lords 2 game is a purely mind based game and the 2nd part comes with a whole lot of new features and upgrades. If you don’t know about the features of this game, below in this post I have covered some the best features this game has to offer.

clash of lords 2 game for computer

Clash of Lords 2 for PC Download Windows 7/8 :

  • If you are looking to download and install the Clash of Lords 2 game to your computer you will require an android emulator. An excellent android emulator I use for downloading apps and games is Bluestacks. You can find this emulator on its official website.
  • The next step is to install the Bluestacks emulator you just downloaded and once the installation is done you will have to run the emulator by double clicking the shortcut created after installation.
  • When the Bluestacks window opens up you need to type Clash of Lords 2 in the search bar which you can find at the top of the emulator to search for the game.
  • The Bluestacks search option will come up with various kinds of results and thus you will have to select one that you feel is perfect for installation and once that is done you just have to click on the install button next to the search result you selected.
  • Once you do that you will have to complete few installation steps that appear on your screen. After that Bluestacks will download and install the Clash of Lords 2 game automatically to your pc.
  • After the setup of the Clash of Lords 2 game to your computer is done you will just have to go over to the My Application option in Bluestacks and click on the Clash of Lords 2 icon to launch the game and begin playing it.

clash of lords 2 game for pc

Features of Clash of Lords 2 Computer :

In the Clash of Lords 2 game it is time for you to take command of your Heroes’ battle skills. As the power of the heroes increase the fun increases too. In the game you will have to unite your Heroes along with the troops to form a stronger and invincible team in the all-new Mercenary mode.

The game is not just exhilarating but is also quite simple to play. In the Clash of Lords 2 game you will no longer need to train your army, this means you can get into battle faster than you did before. The game comes with 4 kinds of battle nodes for non-stop action.

The 4 modes given in the game are Master the Lords League, Resource Raids, Solo Campaigns, and Hero Arena. The 2nd part of the Clash of Lords game comes with improved passive skills feature you are really going to like.

The mind game is always awful and when its second part you surely know that its all defect has been over come. With easy steps of the Clash of Lords 2 Game for PC you would easily download the game. Do visit Startuplucky for more such amazed articles

Game of War Fire Age for PC or Computer Download Windows 7/8

In case you love war games and want to play more awesome war games you should install the Game of War Fire Age for Computer and to your android smartphone also. Installing the game to your PC is simple; you just have to follow the steps given below in the article.

The Game of War Fire Age comes with a lot of cool features. To help you understand these features better below I have covered some of the best features of the game and I am sure you are really going to want to download this war game once you read the features.

game of war fire age game for computerDownload Game of War Fire Age for Computer :

  • Now let’s move on to the steps to install Game of War Fire Age to your pc. You will initially need an android emulator. There are many emulators you can get for free but the one most people recommended for download is Bluestacks. You can download Bluestacks from its official webpage.
  • The next step for you is to install the Bluestacks emulator using the .exe file you downloaded in the first step and once the installation is done you will have to open the emulator by double clicking on the shortcut.
  • Once the emulator runs the Bluestacks window will show up on your screen. Here you will have to type Game of War Fire Age in the search bar present at the top of Bluestacks to search for the game.
  • Once the search is complete you will get numerous results and thus you will have to look for the one you think is right for installation. To start the setup just click on the install button adjacent to the search result you chose.
  • Once that is complete some installation steps will be come up on the screen, complete them and then leave it to Bluestacks to download and install the Game of War Fire Age automatically to your pc.
  • After the setup of the Game of War Fire Age to your computer is done you will just have to go over to the My Application option in Bluestacks and click on the Game of War Fire Age icon to begin playing the game.

game of war fire age game for pc

Game of War Fire Age Features :

In the Game of War Fire Age initially you will have to construct and modify your Empire. Once you do that you will also have to train and increase the level of your Hero. You will also have to craft your weapons and once you craft them you will have to implant them with powerful gems to make sure your Hero has legendary powerful weapons to fight the enemies.

You will also have to give proper training to your armies so that they are able to fight this Great War and not just fight it but also conquer the world on the map.

You will need power to give titles to your friends and enemies in the Kingdom. You can also form diplomatic alliances with other players to win battles with ease.

The war games are always tricky and this one too. With simple steps from this post, you can install the Game of War Fire Age for PC. Do have a look other articles from Startuplucky.